Why we are committed to employee fulfillment

Everyone talks about the customer. Everything today seems to be geared towards making the customer happy. In the end, the employee becomes a tool. A piece of resource in the goal to build a business empire. We want to help change this mindset. We believe in a simple mantra;


A happy and fulfilled staff wil always help make satisfied customers. So we want to help turn the tide around. To bring back some focus and succour to the workforce. To make the office a safe, fun and efficient environment. That is what we seek.

As part of this vision, we provide a simple but robust time, attendance and human resource management solution for the West African sub region. Having started in 2017 with the sales of time clock-in/clock-out machines, we have gone on to develop a robust cloud based, realtime solution for small, medium and large scale organisations wishing to take their HR process into the 21st century. Thanks to our constant innovation over the last few years, we have been in business, along with our focus on customer and industry needs. We now provide comprehensive solutions from biometric time and attendance services to smart phone apps, biometric data collection and cloud based software solutions, all designed to meet the demands of today’s diverse workforce.

Let us know what services you desire or what tailored solutions you require and we will quickly get to work for you.

We are committed to a happy workforce. We are passionate about you!

The IDentity HRM Team